Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Years Resolution #1- Blog more

I have been thinking about our blog a lot lately...and, a lot of my friends have been printing their blogs, and I realized- I have nothing to print! But- what a great way to "scrapbook" without having to cut out all the cute little pictures, etc. AND- a whole year has gone by! My baby boy will be a year on the 24th! How time flies! My little guy is trying to walk- he takes like 5-6 steps, says mama, dada, and as of today, says "uh-oh". He is very much a climber-loves to climb up on everything. He claps, waves bye- bye, and loves to do the indian chant with his hand on his mouth- so funny. He has a cute little side-step dance he is now doing, and shakes his head no all the time. If he even thinks he might not want something he shakes his head. He loves to play patty cake- and starts clapping his hands as soon as you start singing it. It is pretty funny when I hear Brooks singing to him in the other room. We love our little guy and he brings so much joy to our everyday!

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