Sunday, February 21, 2010

My handsome little man

Well, it has already been 4 weeks today since delivering my handsome little man. Brooks and I are so in love, and never knew you could love someone so much! He is growing so much, and just today started smiling and cooing at us- which just makes you completely melt. He really is a good baby and other than being up most of the night- wanting to eat :)...he is pretty easy. He just really likes to keep me busy because he wants to eat all the time- just a growing boy. He loves to sleep with his arms above his head, thus, the "swaddle" does not work for him. The only way he will sleep is in my arms- a momma's boy already- hehe! We just had pics made by Beverly Long aka B Long Photography- they turned out so good... check them out...More photos and videos to come!

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